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Keep those flags flying. Let them know that we will never be defeated. Be Proud, Be Brave, God Bless America!!

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"May your belly never rumble, / May your heart never ache. / May your horse never stumble, / May your cinch never break." Cowboy blessing

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So, I figured it's time for a change....what I came up with is a family oriented page intended for friends and family.

I hope to keep this updated every so often so that you can come back to take a look and see what's happening with us. We will have pics, new and old, in order to show you how we've aged :)

Check back often, I (hope to) keep tweaking this page!

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What's New?

        10/6/2009...Not much yet, but hold your breath, I'm working on it. The inspiration was the hard part.

        10/17/2009...Trying to remember how to do this. I have a few new pics up in the "More recent pic page". More to come.

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Fairly Recent Family News


Well, the biggest news is unfortunately sad news, Karen's Dad, Bob Bingham, passed a couple weeks ago after a long, valiant battle with cancer.  Karen, Bryan and I will be heading to Texas next month for a celebration of Bob's life.

Bryan has been working for a concrete contractor in Napa. He enjoys the work, which was luckily pretty steady through last winter. Lately though work has slowed down and Bryan is hoping the company will provide more work very soon.  Bryan is back living with us as the arrangement where he had been living became rather weird!

Caiti graduated last June from High School with a 4.07 gpa.  She started Cal Poly Pomona 2 weeks ago and is finding the homework to be a little overwhelming.  Before long the homework will be simple to her....well maybe not simple, but tolerable. Caiti plans to go to UC Davis Veterinary School in 2013 after graduating from Cal Poly. She is, as always, horse crazy and rides every chance she gets, which is mostly when she visits her old Dad.

Karen............Hmm, I need to talk to her before I write stuff about her.

Well, my turn.  As most of you know I retired a couple years ago and it's been a very good thing for me.  I miss some of the excitement and some of the people, but not the other stuff.  My nephew, Tim Paolini just graduated from the SR Police academy and is currently looking for a job.   I got a private investigator license a couple years ago and I'm working workers compensation cases mostly.  It's pretty easy work, I'm mostly just interviewing injured workers and witnesses, writing reports (that I can do) and send it in along with my invoice via a computer program. A couple weeks later I get a check in the mail. It allows me to work as much and when I want to.  I am still enjoying my Corvette and recently bought a Harley. I know, me a Harley!  Well a bunch of guys I hang with up here bought Harleys and I haven't owned a bike for a long time.......Even got Karen on the bike a few times. I took a 4 day ride through Death Valley with a bunch of guys last May. It was a blast!

I'll get some more recent pictures up soon, so check back. Also I will try to keep this site updated!

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This site will always be under construction....

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