Welcome to Bruner Racing

(Well it used to be, no more racing, but still some cool pics)

Yes sir, here it is. The most hair raising, bone crunching, gut wrenching, adrenaline surging, blood pumping, rock crushing form of auto racing in the world!

You have stumbled into the soon to be official web site of Bruner Racing. The site will be full of information about the team and our racing. Below you will find some very cool web site links to other off road racing sites. You will also find a link to VORRA, which is the series that we do most of our racing in. Don't forget to check out the pic page for pics of the truck and the team in action.

We race a late 70's Jeep Honcho Pick-up. It's one tough truck! It's powered by a Jeep 401 motor with lots of get up and go. We are in the finishing stages of a complete suspension re-engineering that kept us away from the desert last year. We will be back this year with a vengence. The old Jeep will be even harder to stay with than in '95 when we won the VORRA Class 4 Championship. See you in Yerington, Nv. on Memorial Day!

The Team

We're just a bunch of guys and gals, with real jobs during the day, who love to go desert racing, not much more to tell!

Racing Pics

Look here for thumbnailed pics of our race truck and team members.

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