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Yep, that's right, Rodeo Page. Here you will find some cool links to Rodeo and other horse event sites. We have just started with this page, so bear with us as we find time to build it.

Caiti was in a local rodeo where she competed in five gymkana events.

She did great and won a trophy and a special award.

Below you will find a few pics of the two day event.

The first is of the parade and then the others are from rodeo day!

Maybe next year we will have pics of both the kids competing. But by that time Bryan might be competing in Motorcross!!


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Grand National Rodeo

One of the best in the west. Takes place each Oct/Nov at the Cow Palace in San Francisco, leading up to the National Finals In Las Vegas.  We have been the last couple of years and it's a ton of fun for all!


Middletown Days Event Pictures

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Here's Caiti riding Sandy in the parade


parade2.jpg (65110 bytes)

Thinking about that last barrel


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Headin' home 1998

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Proud Papa 1998

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Dad and Caiti waiting to go 1998


roundin'.jpg (27453 bytes)

Roundin' that first barrel 1998

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Proud big sister with Reyna 1998

c&riley.jpg (30904 bytes)

and Riley 1998

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Middletown Days 2005

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Middletown Days 2005

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Gymkahana 2007

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Gymkahana 2007