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Burney '96

One of our favorite places. These were all shot while on a trip to Burney Falls State Park (Burney, Ca.), but not all inside the Park

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Here we all are at the Burney Moutain Lookout Heading out on  a four wheelin' trip The great Bug Hunt of '96. Travis and Caiti

Nice Do Ron

How's the water girls?

I know that '97 is missing from this page. The reason is is that the Grand Canyon was so cool, it needed a page of it's own..... Grand Canyon

Vacation '98

Another great trip! This year we camped at Burney Falls (as usual) with the usual big group for the first week. There were about 30 of us this year. Then the four of us continued on our journey. We ended up camping on the Trinity River for the first time and loved it. We then stayed west and camped on the coast at Fort Bragg. The pics are of the Trinity River and the Skunk Train in Fort Bragg.

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I don't even remember seeing the guy behind Karen I know the rest of her is around here somewhere The monster from the deep has risen, run for your lives Doesn't this look like fun...? It was! This water was really cold, but the kids didn't mind